Saturday, 6 February 2016


I started making a little notebook this morning
when really I should have been working in the office.
I will have to go back to it as I REALLY am on the last 
minute with our company VAT return. 

Anyway after a few hours I was fed up and my feet were cold
So I decided to write about what Postman Dave 
brought me this week instead.

I needed a gift for someone and 
it arrived in this hand illustrated envelope. 
Its done by Doodle Ink Jacques of Radstock.


This gorgeous package of stitched pocket bags, stickers and paper string
came from Vicky at THE LINEN GARDEN

 The beautiful flowers are not from Postman Dave but were sent to one of my lovely friends and came from my niece's new florist
Good luck Keeley in your new venture


The background paper came from Paperchase, its double sided,
 and the pretty crotchet flowers from a lovely lady in Ireland.

I will have to finish my work tomorrow as 
I've come to the end of my flying by my pants time.

Have a nice evening and Sunday

Friday, 5 February 2016


I made a birthday card for my Godson Dylan using a photograph of his dogs Fudge, Boo and his nanna Brenda's dog Bo. 
 I machine stitched it onto a buff coloured card.
There were lots of different things being created at our
 monthly craft group meet up yesterday
You can see Melvyn's mini me paper mache man
Sheila's knitted nativity pieces
This is the start of a wrap for sewing bits n pieces I'm making
One being made by Susan as a present 
A banner Barbara is sewing as part of a bunting being made by the group for 
Park Farm Tea Room & Farm Shop where we have our meetings.
Susan W was working on this complicated piece.
Well it looks complicated to me.
Sewing may mend the soul but if Philip 
doesn't stop snoring this might well happen

Have a lovely weekend but first
 see whats making others smile on a Friday over 

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Artist Lynn Muir's wooden figures

Hello everyone over at Mrs Dunnit's place

wish these boots were mine

I'm stamping my feet in frustration this week
as the only creating going on is in the form of 
creative accountancy


As you can see the dreaded VAT return is
due and I've not put pen to paper yet.

wish this chair was mine

These are the only kind of books I'd like to be sifting through 
right now but there's no time for that sadly.


 Have a good week everyone.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday Smiles

This is Bert, his owner is our local postmaster.
Bert likes to keep a check on his weight while he's at 
work as he has a weakness for biscuits
It's hard work guarding the money 
and looking cute for the customers all day

Happy Weekend 

I've just popped back to add this....
I've had a perpetual desk calendar since 1997 and the saying today is

"Today, serve the Lord by serving others.  
There are many who need the assistance that only you can offer"

Underneath it in 2013 I wrote

"I have done.  I did the VAT return, something Philip can't do haha"

Crikey, I'm back again ..... I've just realised I'm helping my Auntie sort her paperwork today.  I should write that on the calendar as well

There's some more Friday Smiles

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


This is how the reorganising feels this week
I'm putting things that I think may have possibilities in a box/book
These are photo's I took in Croatia years ago.  
The ends of strings of beads should have gone in the bin but I'm glad they didn't they put me in mind of the fishing nets on the photo's.
More possibilities this time in some fabric I designed and printed on a workshop. 
The felt flowers and stitch pickers are for my next workshops.
I made the pink hanging from my own printed fabric and a cut up piece of old tray cloth when I got bored with sorting out. 
The one below is from scraps I couldn't bring myself to throw out.

Time for a look around for more inspiration 
at Julia's weekly desk sweep

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Felt Like Revamping

This is a felt wall hanging I made from scratch for my final project 
during my HND Textile Design Diploma twelve years ago.
I could never bring myself to throw it out and came across it again
while I've been sorting and reorganising
I still can't get rid of it so I have decided to revamp it with some 
machine embroidery and beading
I may put a backing on it as well.
I've made a start on the bottom end 
Let's see how it goes