Saturday, 1 August 2015

Rain & Rainbows

Not "rain stopped play" or "leaves on the line" ...... "Bad back no bending" that's the reason my Craft Workshops have had to be rearranged and therefore no Blog posts.
Still it gives me a chance to indulge my passion for vintage dressing.
I have a real fetish for Tricel/Crimplene/polyester cardigans and jumpers from the 60's & 70's and I couldn't believe my luck when I bagged this rainbow collection for £16.50. All immaculate and fabulous colours.

How lucky was I to be sent this wonderful bag among other things from the very talented mixed media artist Ruth Zanoni.  I'm forwarding two hats Ruth included in my goodie bag onto another friend who loves 40's/50's events.

I adore day dresses and this 60's/70's St. Michaels one in polyester I picked up for £4 + £3 pp.  The Tricel cardi was a charity shop find.  Both lovely to wear and don't crease.

Last up is this Italian number with a real retro feel to the fabric pattern. It's teamed up with £1 charity shop belt, Poundshop reading glasses. 
and the gorgeous Orla Kiely sandals bought in the sale at Clarks.
I will be returning to normal craft blogging  soon.  In the meantime I'm off to play dressing up, once I scrape myself up off the floor from my back stretching  position(ouch)

Vintage Habit stepping out

Vintage Habit update ....... Wouldn't we all love these shoes from the 60's, I know I would as I've got quite a few outfits that would go with them beautifully.
This cotton summer day dress
Crimplene Lerose jacket. Charity shop lace top and 70's A line skirt 
Teamed up with my £1.50 charity shop find bag.
And finally this lovely skirt suit that belonged to an 82 year old ex school head teacher. She was thrilled to bits when I sent her a photo of me wearing it
as it had been unworn in her wardrobe for decades 
I've matched it up with the retro blouse I picked up earlier in the year for £12 from The Vintage Emporium at Pear Mill, Stockport

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

What's on my work desk today ....

Start of with a load of these
Use your muscles to do a load of this 
Then after a lot of this 
and this
It will start looking like this amongst other things.
In case you hadn't realised I'm prepping for the first of my 
Book Mouse Paper Folding Workshops.
We will even find time for a cup of tea and a lovely bit of cake.  Speaking of which I better get my pinny on and get baking.  
Don't forget to have a look around a few more desks to see what people are creating this week.